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USAAF Emergency /Survival Fishing Kit

USAAF Emergency /Survival Fishing Kit

Code: M7304


Larger type of kit. The fishing equipment is contained in a large olive drab HBT roll with 12 separate compartments. Overal size when opened up is approx. 80cm x 38cms. Contains six wooden "spools" each with a different guage of fishing line & different sizes of hooks/lures - some of which are very large. Also contains a folding fishing net, some kind of complicated hook/lure arrangement, dried bait & a knife.

The user instructions are missing but 90% plus of the kit is complete. Fairly light corrosion on some of the hooks & minor rust marking & small holes in the fabric roll. An impressive set that would have been included in the survival packs with the larger multi-man dinghies. Good "+" overall. Stock code M7304.