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USN / USAAF type E-17 Emergency Sustenance Kit

USN / USAAF type E-17 Emergency Sustenance Kit

Code: S22925


USAAF / USN Kit, Emergency Sustenance, Type E-17.  These personal survival/aid kits were comprised of two semi transparent celluloid flasks, each with a removeable lid secured with a wire bail locking system.  A screw cap was also incorporated into the lid.  Each flask is marked with a list of contents.  One flask contained largely medical supplies including Sulfaguanidine, Halazone, Atabrine, Salt, Benzedrine, Plasters, Iodine, Eye Ointment, tweezers, tooth brush etc.  The second a Navy Emergency Ration, Bouillon Powder, Benzedrine, Antispetic, Matches etc.  Both flasks could be used as water containers once emptied.  Both flasks (empty) are contained in an olive drab canvas pouch with lift the dot closures.  This is fitted with an M-1910 belt hook and also has the later modificaton of two additional webbing belt loops (c. Nov.1944).  As usual there is some distortion of the plastic flasks but both remain in quite good shape and the text is generally good and legible.  The pouch has some wear/soiling/fading but is in very good overall condition.  Stock code S22925.