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USAAF shoes, flying , winter, type A-6A

USAAF shoes, flying , winter, type A-6A

Code: B23957

£350.00 Approx $432.63, €395.48

By Bristolite, size XXL (10.5 - 11.5).  Classic shearling 'heavy shoe' with a zipped front and thick rubber sole enveloping the entire foot area to increase water resistance.  Worn with or without a regulation shoe and also electrical shoes and inserts such as the D-1 and Q-1.  These had  buckled straps over the instep (absent) and at the upper edge.  The leather is generally in very good condition.  It remains really quite supple and has little of the crazing, peeling and damage common to these boots other than that at the rear of the right boot and a few other areas (see photographs).  The original Crown zips are in working order (they would certainly benefit from lubrication) and the rubber soles and 'galosh' sections are complete, flexible and undamaged.  Lovely thick fur pile linings.  Clear AAF decals to each boot and AAF/Bristolite labels on each zip tongue.  A great pair of boots that would enhance any AAF display.   Stock code B23957.