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USAAF A-11 intermediate flying helmet

USAAF A-11 intermediate flying helmet

Code: H22767

£145.00 Approx $181.48, €160.22

By J. S. Menihan Corporation.   Size extra large.  The leather is in very good condition - clean and fairly supple but rather crumpled and a little dry to the touch.  This early example has a basic press stud arrangement for oxygen mask attachment - two single studs on the left and a close pair on the right to take a 'flat hook' mask clip, one of which is attached.  This appears to be 'stuck' in place as one of the studs has some corrosion/verdigris as do the goggle strap snaps.  It might be possible to carefully free the clip but the helmet will be sold with it in place.   Excellent  Bennett type buckle and very good chinstrap complete with metal end tip.   The lining is in very good condition and quite clean.  With emboidered manufacturer's label.   Rather than the external adjustable buckled strap at the nape of the neck this early helmet has a strip of elastic sewn internally.    Unwired but we can supply the correct 'Y' loom at extra cost if required.  A  good '+' example.  Stock code H22767.