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USN / USAAF AN6540-3W Flying Helmet

USN / USAAF AN6540-3W Flying Helmet

Code: H2167

£100.00 Approx $128.87, €109.29, £100

By Slote & Klein. Size medium.  The leather is in reasonable overall condition although a bit 'stiff' and dry to the touch. Some leather dressing would probably work wonders on the finish. There is a split to the front edge of the helmet near the left top chinstrap buckle (see photo) and the extended peak has been cut back to the main part of the helmet. 'USN' stamped into the leather. The thick fleece lining is good but a bit grubby. The chamois donuts are good but soiled and the inner chamois section is torn on one side. Fully labelled. Retains silk drawstrings. Good strap with chocolate brown velvet pad. No facilities for oxygen equipment. A reasonable example. Stock code H2167.