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RAF B-type Flying Helmet


Code: H17064

By Frank Bryan. Size 3 (7 1/8 - 7, 3/8). 1940 dated. The overall appearance is good to very good. The leather is supple with reasonably good original finish although lightly scuffed in places and with a small hole (4mm max) at the edge of the forehead panel. Both zipped earpieces are equally good, have faint reference markings and good working original zips. Both rubber receiver carriers are still in position and the earpieces retain a pair of crusty original sponge cushions. The chinstrap has an interesting period field modification where the Bennet buckle has been removed and replaced with a male press stud. In addition, the leather strap has had a matching female press stud added and elasticated section inserted (see photos). The strap still retains the metal end piece. The backstraps are all very good although the remaining Bennett buckle lacks the leather covering. The chamois lining has just average soiling. Other points to note are some broken stitches at the top of the rear vent (very easy to re-sew if required) and a split along the front of the velvet forehead strip (see photos). Complete with 1940 dated label, A.I.D stamp, faint AM crown stamp and owner's number. Unwired. Wiring, receivers, microphones and jackplugs can be supplied at extra cost if required. Overall this is a good/good '+' used helmet with an interesting and potentially unique modifcation. Stock code H17064.