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RAF Supermarine Spitfire Rearview Mirror


Code: M17875

H & S. 'Mirrors, Aircraft, Type B.' Stores ref. 27H/2017. Original rear view mirror as fitted to all Spitfire fighter aircraft from the MK.II onwards. Comprises a brass domed casing with internal bracket mount point, mirrored glass and edge ring bezel.

This is in good overall condition with the original paint finish - there is some paint loss on the main casing. The bezel ring has lost most of the top-coat but retains much of the undercoat. The original mirrorored glass is generally very good but has a 'shell' chip at the edge - see photo. Air Ministry marks and reference numbers are stamped around the edge. Some of the casing screws, which are all present, need re-fitting (note that the mirror needs aligning better with the mounting holes and the screw heads are burred). Sadly there is no mounting bracket/stem but reproductions are available or one could be mocked up for display. Rare and desirable item. Stock code M17875.