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RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots, S10


Code: B18214

Stores Ref. 22c/80. Size 10. 1938 dated. The leather is in good overall condition bar scuffing, surface crazing and some cuts. The foot sections and toes are a bit worn and the ankles are a little 'crushed' in appearance.  The boots feel rather 'stiff' internally at this point too. One of the leather straps is shorter than the other - probably broken and cut down. The leather soles and rubber heel plates are period replacements with the rubber type - evidently many years ago. The linings are a bit grubby but appear to be largely free of moulting apart from the usual wear at ankle level. The original insoles are still in place. The puller tags in both boots have clear Air Ministry King's Crown markings & 1938 date code. In addition there are faint A.M. Crown and A.I.D. marks embossed on the exterior of each boot. Although clearly marked as 10s, these are not generous and perhaps closer to a 9 or 9.5 unless the insole is removed.

A good used pair of these rare early boots. Excellent display item. Stock code B18214.