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RAF First Aid Snakebite Lancet


Code: S18569

By George Carsburg Ltd. London. Chromed metal, round ended cylinder approx. 6cm long x 1 cm diameter. One end unscrews to reveal a small metal blade or lancet used to cut out the venom from a snake bite. The other end unscrews to reveal a cavity that housed a potassium permangenate capsule for use on the bite. Unusually this capsule is still in place, albeit empty. The cylinder is Air Ministry broad arrow marked and is also engraved with the manufacturer's details.

There is light surface wear/marking but overall condition is excellent. These were issued as part of the contents of the tropical survival kit (27P/19) and also part of the kit included with the lightweight flying overall, better known as the 'Beadon' suit. Stock code M18569.