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USAAF English Made 8th AF 'Battledress'


Code: U17431

Unlabelled bar the name 'Corlee' on a laundry tag. A privately made dark chocolate wool flannel jacket with matching rayon lining. Tailored in England to look similar to the British War Service Dress jacket. This is not a standard 'Ike' jacket, nor a cut-down / tailored four-pocket tunic. It differs from the 'Ike' in buttoning right up to the neck and having no lapels as such. This one is fitted with matched pin-backed sterling marked captain rank bars, clutch backed Meyer 'U.S.' & 'Winged Propeller' collar insignia. It also has a superb English made stubby winged embroidered felt 8th AAF shoulder patch. The sterling marked Amcraft pin-backed pilot wing is on a blue felt 'assigned combat crew' backing. The epaulette buttons are made by J. R. Gaunt of London.

All in very nice used condition. A true rarity. Stock code U17431.