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USAAF Officers' 'Chocolate' Visor Cap


Code: U18462

By Bancroft. Approx. size 7 - 7,1/4. Olive drab 'chocolate' felt cap with dark leather bill and front strap. Made with imported 'English Fur Felt'. The general appearance is very good and clean but there is some moth damage with a tiny hole on the crown and further larger holes around the sides (see photos). Fortunately none of this is particularly obvious or visible when displayed or worn. Single-piece and rather 'flashy' oversized 'Meyer' made brass badge with screw post back. The straps are in good damage-free condition. The inner leather band is good although lightly soiled - this is stamped 'The Wales' - presumably this being a Bancroft Wales' cap. Golden yellow satin lining beneath the yellowed oilcloth liner. The manufacturer details are beneath this and are still clearly legible.

Bancroft is one of the most desirable makers of AAF caps. A nice example in a good size. Stock code U18642.