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RAF Mess Water Jug


Code: C19023

Lovatt's Langley Ware. Langley Ware being one of the marketing names used by Lovett's Potteries of Langley Mill, Nottinghamshire. Stoneware/earthenware jug with a brown slip glaze punctuated in the middle with a raised struck band border. The exterior brown glaze ends at the jug opening revealing the natural clay stoneware finish interior. R.A.F. King's crown marks to lower front. Approx. 23cm/9" tall and 17cm/6.5" at the widest point (excluding the handle). The jug is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear. There is a small manufacturing 'fault within the raised band where a lump of clay stands proud of the rest - see photo). The bottom of has manufacturer's marks.

This is almost certainly a water or milk jug that would have graced the table of the other ranks mess on a RAF base. This is a heavy item so postage is relatively high. Stock code C19023.