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RAF Poster - USN MK.XIII Torpedo


Code: P13865

'Secret' RAF Poster A.T.8 of the 'MK.XIII (MOD.1) United States Navy Torpedo'. Thick paper poster, approx. 96 x 66cm. Full colour illustration of parts of the weapon. Marked 'Secret RAF - For Official Use Only'. Overall appearance is good but there is some light soiling & creasing plus smallish edge tears and minor damage. An impressive display piece. This model of torpedo was used by the Americans in their torpedo bombers at the Battle of Midway and also by the RAF and RAAF (30 Squadron Beaufighters and 100 Squadron Beauforts) against the Japanese in the Far East. This 21 " diameter Torpedo was beset with problems and proved very unreliable. Another impressive display piece. Stock code P13865.