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RAF Chemically Heated Ankle Pouches


Code: B14202a

'Containers, Ankle'. Stores ref. 22c/454. Small light tan coloured rubberized fabric pouches, approx. 10 x 13cm, with twin press-studded folding flap closure. Elastic straps would have been stitched on each side of the pouch and at the base linking them together such that a pouch was worn on either side of the wearer's ankle - see photos 4 - 6. The side straps have been removed and bottom (underfoot straps) have been cut. A chemical 'Everhot' bag would have been placed inside each pouch (stores ref. 22c/453 - pads, heater, chemical, 1940 patt. gauntlets/boots). These chemical bags were activated with a small amount of water and would then provide heat for several hours. They were not popular with aircrews who often complained of chemical burns.

The pouches are quite clean but are a little crumpled. Clearl Air Ministry marks with reference numbers and King's crown. Easy to replace the elastic if you wanted to restore them. Please note that you are buying 4 pouches in total - 2 for each leg. Photos 4 - 6 show examples of a complete set.  This listing is for those shown in photos 1,2 and 3 only.  Stock code B14202a.