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Luftwaffe/Condor Legion Hoffman Flying Boots


Code: B19968

Approx. size 10.  Superior quality Spanish made 'Hoffmann' pattern flying boots featuring a full length zip with a  fine chromed leather gusset  behind providing extra draught protection/insulation.  Manufactured in chromed brown leather and heavy duty brown suede. Straps across the top of the foot and around the top of the leg, each adjustable using a single pronged buckle.  Superb shaggy pony (?) hair linings.  Original rubber soles/heels. Fitted with Spanish made/branded 'Remplago' brand zips (Lightning) and 'Lord' poppers.  

Light scuffing/minor surface damage at the toes and minor soiling to the suede uppers.  Some scuffing/abrasion around the top edges of the boots but in excellent overall condition.   Likely to have been worn by German aircrew of the Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil war or early on during WW2.   Rare/unusual boots of remarkably high quality.  Stock code B19968.