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Welco Fog-Free Goggles


Code: G19702

By Welsh Industrial Eye & Protection Equipment (Welsh Mfg. Co. Prov. Rhode Island. These black rubber goggles feature a central lens division and a large bulbous moulding for the wearer's nose. This is fitted with rubber 'baffles' so that when the wearer breathed out air was directed away from the lens and out through the nose section. They also feature plastic vents at each side of the frame - each with a felt 'filter' pad.   The strap is comprised of an adjustable black webbing centre section with plain elastic to each side.   The goggles are fitted with a one-piece polarizing celluloid lens. All a little dusty but other than some minor cracking under the nose the frame remains quite flexible.  The lens has deteriorated a bit and the strap buckle has minor surface corrosion.  They come with two spare clear Polariod lenses is their original (damaged) packaging.  One of these appears to be quite good, the other is grubby.  In addition there are six original spare side vent filter pads.  Whilst these goggles were intended primarily for ground use they were tested for aircrew use although not standardized. See p. 269 of 'Vintage Flying Helmets' for an indential pair of these scarce goggles. Stock code G19702.