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RAF Type A Flying Helmet


Code: H19789

'Helmet, Cork, Aviation'.  Stores ref. 22c/13.  Size 73/8.  Issued to aircrews based East of Malta.  First issued in the 1920s and remained in service until superseded by the cotton drill D-type flying helmet in 1941.  Manufactured from lightweight cork in the form of a pith helmet covered in light khaki coloured cotton drill.  Has earflaps in the same material, backed with chamois leather to which a chinstrap with pronged buckle closure is attached.  The earflaps have pockets to take Gosport fittings or receivers.  Also has a concealed goggle strap at the rear, attached to the inner leather band.  The latter is stamped 'Comfortilet Fitting, Royal Letters Patent No. 207475'.   The original paper label inside is largely missing but there is an A.I.D stamp and size label on the reverse of the leather band.   The overall shape of the helmet is pretty good but if you feel around the brim there is evdiently some damage to the front and rear sections.  This does not detract from the appearance.  The earflaps remain in place and it is clear from the shape of the pockets on these that the helmet was used with Gosport earpieces or some form of early avionics.  The fabric under the brim/peak is a bit wrinkled, faded and soiled but undamaged.  The lining and leather band are quite heavily soiled.  

This rare helmet has evidently seen considerable use but remains in sound condition and is an excellent display piece.  Stock code H19789.