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Luftwaffe LKpS101 Flying Helmet


Code: S19988

By Siemens.  Size 58.    Manufactured in a flecked brown reed linen cloth with a green satin lining and lambswool inner 'earpieces'. This example has the usual brown leather covered earphones and is fitted with hooks/strap for the three-strap oxygen masks.  Fully wired with LHB 1 (Mi 4b) magnetic throat microphones, loom and four-pole break coupling.  It also fitted with receivers and retains both of the plastic soundboards.  

The cloth is reasonably clean and in very good condition bar a small repair/darn where the wiring loom is attached - see photo. All straps and buckles are very good although the metal components do have minor surface corrosion.  The lining is a little grubby but complete and undamaged with a nice clear label. The avionics appear to be in very good condition.  Indistinct name/numbers marked on the inside of one chinstrap and throatmike strap.  A very good used example.  Stock code H19988.