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Luftwaffe LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube Flying Helmet


Code: SOLD-1577

The famous @APOS@net@APOS@ or @APOS@mesh@APOS@ top flying helmet. This proved popular with Luftwaffe aircrews as it was designed for comfort and without a chinstrap. This example, by HDR is the earlier variant having attachment points for just the 2-strap oxygen masks. It has dark brown leather earcups and banding with matching dark @APOS@mesh@APOS@. All of the leather parts are very good and the netting/mesh is complete and undamaged. Unfortunately there is minor damage to the binding tape at the nape of the neck (see photo). The avionics are complete with the longer type wiring loom, oval Mi4b magnetic type throatmicrophones and four-pole break coupling/plug - the latter appears to be non-standard. Both of the plastic @APOS@soundboards@APOS@ are missing. Some were to the shearling lining on one side (see photo). A good display helmet. Stock code H19430.