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Luftwaffe Fliegerkombi, Electrically Wired


Code: SOLD-1563

By Karl Heisler of Berlin. One-piece flying suit manufactured in fine blue-grey cotton and lined throughout in a soft purple velvet. Essentially made to the same pattern as the more common fabric Sommerfliegerkombi with a long diagonally positioned front zip, zips at the cuffs, ankles and fly etc. Also features the ring-pull @APOS@emergency@APOS@ release down the left front side of the suit (as worn) - this enabled the wearer to remove the suit without using the zips in case of emergency. This is the wired version and features electrical connectors within leather tabs at the ankles and sleeves. There is also a connector cable/plug that exits from the left leg pocket. The material is in fair condition only. A quick glance suggests it is quite good but but the fabric isn@APOS@t strong and there are areas of damage and splitting - notably to the shoulders and upper back where there is some material loss (photos 11 & 12). There is also splitting damage on the left sleeve which appears to have been patched in places at some point (photos 18 &19). Further splitting on the left leg pocket where the @APOS@main circuit@APOS@ cable/plug exits (photos 9 &13), cuff ends (17) and lower back. All the zips are original, @APOS@Elite@APOS@ marked and have the leather pull tag fitted. They all function correctly but would benefit from some lubrication. Unfortunately the right leg zip slider is missing. The velvet lining would appear to be good. The collar is also good and complete with chamois backed leather strap and attachment rings. Two @APOS@Karl Heisler, Berlin@APOS@ labels and a 1941 date ink stamp to the inside fabric of the left leg pocket (odd place). This suit could probably be improved with some careful/sympathetic repairs and perhaps patching/reinforcing and would make a good display piece. Priced according to condition - if you stripped out the zips, wiring, plugs, emergency ring pull and collar strap for spares they would be worth this much alone! Please note that there are 10 more photos of this suit listed separately (code 14470) and these MUST be viewed before purchasing. Please ask if you have any doubt as to the overall condition of this item. Stock Code S19412.