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USAAF A-4 QAC Parachute Harness


Code: SOLD-1527

Manufactured by the Standard Parachute Corp. Group 2 @APOS@Yellow@APOS@ . Quick attachable chest type parachute harness. White webbing harness copied from the British RAF Irvin type and with a similar quick-release box. This incorporates a simple modification in the form of a spring clip @APOS@key@APOS@ which when used prevented the wearer from accidentally pressing the release plate. The harness has two bright yellow patches sewn to the upper straps to signify that this harness has a pair of hooded snap-hooks located on the chest. The corresponding pack would have two steel loops attached to the back. Group 1 @APOS@Red@APOS@ harnesses had steel loops on the harness and hooks on the pack. Complete with correct backpad/cushion with centrally positioned brass @APOS@Talon@APOS@ zip fastener. Fitted with cadmium plated @APOS@loops@APOS@ at the rear for attachment of a dinghy pack. The harness is clearly marked with manufacturer details, part numbers and November 1944 date - the marks are much clearer than shown in the photos. Excellent clean condition throughout. Stock code S19043.