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R.A.F. 'Beadon' Flying Suit


Code: SOLD-1361

Stores ref. 22c/1050, Size 4 (ht. 5@APOS@4@SPEACH@ - 5@APOS@7@SPEACH@, ch. 37-41@SPEACH@, wt. 33-37@SPEACH@, St. 38 -42@SPEACH@). The @APOS@Beadon@APOS@ suit, or as it is correctly termed, @APOS@Lightweight Flying Overall@APOS@, was introduced late in the war as a replacement for the Sidcot suit. Manufactured in a grey gabardine this one-piece suit has a full front zip fastener from waist to neck and has twelve pockets for the stowage of survival/medical equipment & rations, much of which is similar to that carried in the tropical survival kit. The material is generally in good condition and reasonably clean bar some rust (?) spot marks on the right thigh (see photos). All the zips are original, WD broad arrow marked and function correctly. Some do have light verdigris deposits and would benefit from lubrication. Two or three of the pocket/sleeve poppers have come adrift and most have verdigirs deposits. The knitted collar and cuffs have a little moth damage but are generally in good order. Complete with integral belt, inner back pocket, cloth hanger and label. Overall this is a good @APOS@+@APOS@ used suit. These are surprisingly hard to find now - many having been used as overalls after the war. Stock code S18559.