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RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West CO2 Bottle Tester


Code: SOLD-1325

By Baird & Tatlock (London) Ltd. Stores Ref. 6D/421. Tester, Leakage For Valves Of H.P. Gas Cylinders MK.II & VIIA. Glass testing tube with internal glass @APOS@swan necked@APOS@ tube. Used to test for leaks in the CO2 bottles of @APOS@the @APOS@41 pattern Mae West, Harnessuit, airborne lifebelts etc. The rubber bung and washer have @APOS@stuck@APOS@ to the glass but may loosen if placed in warm water. Otherwise in excellent unused condition in the issue box. complete with instruction leaflet. One for the serious collector! Please note that the Co2 bottle shown in photograph 3 is not included in the sale. Stock code O18009.