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USAAF Suit, Flying, Light, Gabardine, Type L1


Code: SOLD-1311

Size Medium Regular by Sigmund Eisner Co. The L-1 was standardised in November 1944. It was similar in appearance to the earlier AN-S-31 - a one-piece suit with zipped front. It had a pleated back which allowed greater freedom of movement. It also featured zips at the leg ends to aid the donning of the suit. In addition it had angled zipped breast pockets and zipped pockets to the thighs and lower legs. A pen pocket was fitted to the left upper arm and the cuffs had button adjustment. The suit is in quite good overall condition. Unfortunately there is some paint (?) marking to the front and also various areas of darned repairs and a stitched repair to the right lower leg pocket. That said, the suit has fully functioning @APOS@Talon@APOS@ & @APOS@Conmar@APOS@ zips and displays well. One of the less commonly found AAF flying suits. Stock code S17437.