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USAAF 'Tropical' Bancroft Flighter Visor Cap


Code: SOLD-1251

Bancroft @APOS@Flighter@APOS@. Small to medium size. Pale tan cotton lightweight cap with a single thickness (true crusher type) chocolate brown peak. Yellow satin lining with greasecloth crown. The cap does have some mothing - most obviously to the crown where there are approximately 6 small holes and a 1 larger hole. There are others around the side panels (see photos). Some staining/spot marking to the crown. The peak has a few scuffs at the edges but remains in nice condition and still folds well. Fitted with matching front and rear straps in good order. Excellent badge. The greasepaper liner is discoloured /crinkly as usual but the Bancroft logo can be seen beneath. Perforated inner leather band shows wear/soiling but again, the @APOS@Curve Controlled, Flighter@APOS@ logo etc are good and clear. Named to owner. Fair to reasonably good used overall. Bancroft caps are considered by most collectors to be the best avaialble and the @APOS@Flighter@APOS@ model is always highly sought after. Stock code U18218.