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U.S.A.A.F. A-8B Oxygen Mask


Code: SOLD-1225

By The Ohio Chemical Manufacturing Co. Dated 3/43. These masks were introduced in late 1941 and are often referred to as the A-8B 'bladder mask' in reference to the fine rubber rebreather bag suspended beneath the facemask. The rubber facepiece presents quite well but has in fact hardened and has cracking/small splits around the edges and distortion of the 'nose' area. The rebreather 'bladder' is in reasonable condition and is quite flexible although it does have a few small holes. The oxygen hose is generally in good flexible condition but has surface crazing and lacks the end connector. In addition both circlips for the rebreather bag and oxygen hose are missing (former has been held in place with cloth tape). This mask retains the original elastic and leather harness system in very good condition. Whilst this is not the greatest example it is still a displayable example of these rare and sought after masks and is priced at a 'bargain' level accordingly. Stock code O15662AR.