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RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West Stole (Bladder)


Code: SOLD-1137

Stores ref. 22c/72. Pale grey/white rubberized cotton stole for the 1941 pattern Mae West. The material is generally quite flexible but does have a few areas that are @APOS@wrinkled@APOS@ and stiffer/less flexible. There is also staining/pink spot discolouration and some fraying arround some of the glued edges (see photos.) The oral inflation tube is good and flexible and the valve opens and closes freely. There is no inflation lever or CO2 bottle fitted but the circlip remains in place. Air Ministry stamped with a manufacture date of 6/43. There is also a later test date of 10 JUN 1944. We don@APOS@t know if this would still inflate but never recommend this as doing so introduces moisture and can promote internal rotting. Reasonable overall condition. Stock code MW18049.