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Precautions To Be Taken In Event Of Capture


Code: SOLD-1128

Folding Card. Approx. 10 x 13cm closed, opening to 31 x 10cm. Published by The War Office, 15th April 1942 and marked as @APOS@Not To Be Published@APOS@. Advice on the precautions to be taken by British personnel in the event of capture. Clearly marked in bold type @APOS@This Document Must Not Fall Into Enemy Hands@APOS@. Gives advice on what to do if captured - give only name, rank and number. Goes onto discuss what the enemy will try and find out from the captive and how they might go about it. Advises not to carry letters, documents or marked maps, to be aware of hidden microphones when being held with other prisoners and not to discuss experiences with each other. It also has basic advice on the rights of prisoners with reference to the Geneva Convention and what to do should the prisoner suceed in escaping. Somewhat soiled but otherwise in good used condition. Stock code P18914.