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RAF Navigator's Service Dress Tunic, 102 Sqn.


Code: SOLD-1108

By Austin Reid of Regent Street, London. Standard four pocket tunic with nice flat @APOS@N@APOS@ brevet, Flying Officer sleeve rank lace and ribbons for 39-45 star, Aircrew Europe star, Defence and War medals. Shows light use and wear only with no apparant moth damage. Labelled and named to R. W. Rooke. Dated 20/4/45. Rooke flew with 102 Squadron from Pocklington in Yorkshire, completing over 30 Ops with his crew in @APOS@Popeye@APOS@. Each of the crew was named after one of the seven dwarves, Rooke being @APOS@Grumpy@APOS@. The tunic comes with 2 photocopies of original photos of the crew and @APOS@key@APOS@ to the names/positions/nicknames of the crew. In addition it comes with an original typed letter and receipt for the uniform dated 30.4.45. These items were purchased directly from the veteran@APOS@s daughter. Lovely item. Stock code U18478.