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Code: SOLD-1101

Weapons Notes For Flying Personnel. Prepared by the Empire Air Armament School and issued by the Air Ministry. P/b, 22 x 28cm. 30p, August 1946 reprint (1948 print date). Notes written in lecture form with 13 lectures in 4 sections. The first of these introduces the problem of gun aiming and the components of the sight and how to operate it. Section B follows on with knowledge necessary to a practical gunner. Section C gives the theory underlying the sight and how it solves the aiming problem and @APOS@D@APOS@ summerizes the rules for aiming with the fixed graticule should the gyro fail. Illustrated throughout. The cover is a little tatty and loose from the booklet. Fair used. Interesting stuff from the Empire Training School. Stock code P15190.