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U.S.A.A.F. Type B-8 Goggles, Boxed


Code: SOLD-1100

By Polariod Corporation. The rubber frame is marked @APOS@Aviation Goggle No. 1065@APOS@ and also as @APOS@Type B8@APOS@. This is in excellent condition throughout. The chamois backing is extremely clean and the strap is in excellent condition. Fitted with an excellent clear lens. Comes with the original 7 page Polariod instruction leaflet and cotton case containing 8 spare lenses in paper sleeves - all in various tints. Unfortunately 4 of these appear to have @APOS@warped@APOS@ in storage. All contained in the card carton of issue. Overall this is an excellent complete set of goggles/spares. Stock code G18619.