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R.A.F. Observer Type Parachute Harness


Code: SOLD-1034

By Irving Air Chute Of Great Britain. Stores ref. 15A/137. Standard @APOS@Observer@APOS@ harness for use with clip-on chest-type parachute packs. Cream/white webbing with a central black & pink fleck. Has the fully rounded QR box as fitted to wartime British harnesses. Large Irvin label with serial number and 1952 date. A secondary label appears to have been removed from one of the front riser straps at some point. The harness is quite clean and undamaged. The QR box is equally good. Fitted with a very good AID marked backpad. An excellent used example. Although of early postwar production this is essentially identical to RAF wartime issue and would be ideal for display or re-enactment purposes. All parachute equipment has become increasingly difficult to find. Stock code P18063.