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R.A.F. Stopwatch, MK.3


Code: SOLD-919

Stores Ref. 6B/117. Swiss made movement. Approx. 5cm diameter. Intended for general application and aircraft use. Keyless winding and running for a period of 8-hours from fully wound. The chronograph action is controlled by the winding knob. The design and action of this mechanism are such that the second hand should indicate correctly to one-fifth of a second, and that starting and stopping errors should not exceed one-fifth of a second. White metal case with white dial and black hands and numerals. Engraved with King@APOS@s Crown, @APOS@A.M., 6B/117@APOS@ and 1940 date code to rear. In good working condition. Inside of case marked @APOS@G&S Co.@APOS@ - Gold & Silversmiths Company. Some marks where the case has been opened over the years. Stock code C17681.