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RAF C-type Flying Helmet, 1st Late Patt.


Code: SOLD-854

Stores Ref. 22c/880, Size 4. The leather is completely supple but does have minor scuffing and wear and feels slightly dry. It would certainly benefit from a light leather dressing. It is fully embossed with ref nos. and stamped internally with size information. All straps are good and retain most of the original coatings on the press studs. Early brass studs rather than the nickel plated type. The lining is reasonably clean bar some verdigris marks. The rubber receiver carriers are both complete but have hardened a bit and the left side is slightly mishaped (see photos). The chinstrap retains some colour and elasticity. Fully wired with a good chocolate brown coloured loom, matched receivers (type) and bell jackplug. This is the early pattern internally wired C-type of definite wartime manufacture. A decent used example in the largest size made. Stock code H17417.