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R.A.F. Inter-War Pantaloons


Code: SOLD-721

By J Compton, Sons & Webb, Ltd. London. Size 20 (Height 5@APOS@9 - 5@APOS@10@SPEACH@, Wt. 31@SPEACH@, Breech 37@SPEACH@, Leg 23@SPEACH@). 1928 Dated. Here we have what appear to be a pair of rare interwar RAF @APOS@Pantaloons, Blue@APOS@ in blue grey serge with button fly, laced @APOS@ankles@APOS@ and hight waist. Condition is visually very good but there are some minor moth nips/trails to the fabric pile and one small hole. There is also one button missing, damage to a couple of the others and some wear internally at the crotch. The trousers appear to be little used, and the lightly tacked label to the rear would also suggest this. However,there appears to have been a label stitched to the inner rear waistband at some stage and this has been removed leading me to be a little suspicious as to the authenticity of the outer label. It appears to be genuine but is remarkably crisp and clean. In view of this we are selling these as @APOS@lookalike@APOS@ interwar pantaloons and have priced them accordingly. Stock code U16700.