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USAAF C-1 Survival Vest Reversible Hat


Code: SOLD-675

Hat, Yellow On One Side, Olive Drab On The Other. DWG-44G-5062. Extremely rare @APOS@bush@APOS@ hat supplied with the C-1 vest. Used to protect against sunstroke, rain, bugs, wind, and spray. The OD side was for protective camouflage when stalking game or when in enemy held teritory. The yellow side was worn to attract the attention of searching planes. The hat could also be usedhe hat as a container for berries, roots, mussels, clams and to bail out a life raft or to fan a smoldering fire into flame.Adjustable fabric band to ensure a good fit. One size fits all. These were placed in pocket No. 15. Good @APOS@+@APOS@/very good used condition. One of the most difficult C-1 components to find now. Stock code S17127.