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RAF C-type Flying Helmet, Late Patt.


Code: SOLD-423

Stores Ref. 22c/880, Size 4 (7 1/2 - 7 3/4). The leather is supple and in very good overall condition with only relatively minor marking and scuffing. All straps are good and retain most of the original coatings on the press studs. The small leather wiring loom retainer strap at the back of the helmet is part missing (see photos) but could easily be replaced. The lining has average soiling - more notable on the inner donuts and back of the neck. The rubber receiver carriers are both good and the chinstrap retains some colour and excellent elasticity. Fully wired with a mint mid tan coloured loom, matched 10A/12401 receivers and early brown cased bell jackplug. The helmet has almost certainly be @APOS@wired-up@APOS@, rather than this being the originally installed avionics. A good @APOS@+@APOS@ example in the largest size. Stock code H16544.