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RAF Knife, Pocket, With Spike (Beadon Suit)


Code: SOLD-388

Stores Ref. 22P/11. Sometimes referred to as the R.A.F. @APOS@Clasp@APOS@ knife. Simple folded sheet steel body with a @APOS@blued@APOS@ finish. Fitted with two blades - one simple 9.75cm / 3.75@SPEACH@ standard single edged spear-point blade and a similar length non edged spike. Many of these were manufactured by George Ibberson and Company. These knives were issued as part of the Beadon Flying Suit (Lightweight Flying Overall) and the Tropical Survival kit. There is also a suggestion that these were sometimes packed in red cross parcels (seems unlikely) or even dropped to Resistance forces. This example is, as many are, unmarked. There is loss of the original blued finish and light surface corrosion in places. The blades are quite loose to open and do not really @APOS@lock-out@APOS@. I think the rivets at both ends of the knife need a @APOS@whack@APOS@ to tighten things up a bit! Whilst these were relatively easy to find 10 years ago they have now become quite a rare find. Stock code M15611.