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RAF Type-D Oxygen Mask


Code: SOLD-351

The cloth is generally in excellent clean condition. Unusually there is little moth damage - this being confined to 2 small holes on the right side of the mask as worn - each approx. 2mm (see photos) and a third larger hole towards the right upper edge (see photo). The remaining cloth is remarkably good, clean and undamaged. The chamois lining is quite clean and completely undamaged. The mask has been fitted with press studs directly attached through the material rather than on the later face defender strips. The microphone mounting ring is in excellent condition and complete with reference number stamped into the metal. Not fitted with a microphone or wiring but these can be supplied at extra cost if required. The overall shape of the mask is good and ideal for display. This is undoubtedly one of the better D-masks available. Stock code O16574.