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RAF B-Type Flying Helmet


Code: SOLD-194

By Frank Bryan Ltd. 1941. Size 4 (7 1/2 - 7 3/4). The overall appearance is very good and the leather is supple with good original finish. There are a few small nicks to the forehead panel and crown area plus some loss of chroming where the chinstrap attaches (see pics). Both zipped earpieces are good although there is a small hole in the left one. They are faintly A.M. stamped and have good zips and are fitted with an excellent set of RCAF marked sponge rubber earieces. The receiver carriers have been removed. All straps are very good as are both Bennett buckles. Internally the chamois is fairly clean. Fully Air Ministry labelled/dated. The zipped earpieces have been sewn on quite crudely. The look fine but close inspection on the inside suggests the squadron tailor was either tired or not up to much as the stitching is all over the place! The holes cut to take the earpieces were also made considerably larger than necessary - all completely original, just not particularly well executed. Unwired. Overall this is a good @APOS@+@APOS@/ very good used helmet. Stock code H14825..