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Photo Album - RAF Barrage Balloons/Airships


Code: SOLD-133

Card backed album approx. 26x18cms. Appears to be a @APOS@family@APOS@ album depicting the life/work of one family during the war. There is a mixture of personal/civilian life photos and those relating to the services - men in uniform etc. It would seem that at least one man was in the Barrage Balloon unit at Cardington and another with the RAF in Egypt. Of military interest are a chap in uniform in Alexandria, Egypt; 3 RAF chaps next to a truck in Sheffield; Super Airspeed Oxford aircraft at RAF South Cerney; Barrage Balloons at Cardington, RAF Balloon winch and gas trailer (Bedford c.1939); R.101 airship mooring mast at Cardington; men of the Balloon site, 939 Squadron - Hillsborough, Sheffield; D-flight football (?) team - 974 Squadron, Egypt; Airship and Balloon hangar at Cardington, Balloons and winches at Cardington, D-flight Christmas Dinner, 974 Squadron, Egypt 1943; men in battledress etc. In total there are 25 military related photos and approx. 71 of holiday snapshots, family and friends etc. Sizes vary from about 6x9cms to around 8x13cms (average). Quite a few photos are missing from the album. Many/most are captioned. Overall appearance is rather tatty/dog-eared but there are some very nice Barrage balloon shots. Stock code P14690.