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RAF MK.VA Flying Spectacles/Goggles


Code: SOLD-35

Stores Ref. 22c/156. Fragile lightweight wire frames with laminated glass lenses, celluloid side-shields, rolled sponge rubber noserest and anti-glare @APOS@flipshield@APOS@. Fitted with the short side-arms each having a female press-stud at the end. The frame is in very good condition with only minor paint chipping. The tinted lenses have delamination marking and the side-shields are a little warped. The rubber nose-roll is a bit discoloured but in good overall condition. Light scratches on the flipshield. Good/good @APOS@+@APOS@ used overall. Extremely rare goggles - seldom seen. These would have been attached to a flying helmet via small press studded plates sewn in place at the temple or using a leather & sprung strap (not present). Stock code G13426.