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USAAF Folding Machete


Code: S20019

By W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company. 10" (25cm) bladed machete with black plastic grips.  Approximately 15"/39cm in length when open.  Shows wear and use with some grime and minor pitting to the metal parts.  The blade has minor knocks to the edge but is very sharp.  Marked 'Case XX'.  The grips are soiled but undamaged. With correct blade guard (repainted?).  

These machete's were issued with several of the AAF emergency kits including the B-2 and B-4.  The R.A.F. used a virtually identical model, issued with the lightweight tropical 'Beadon' flying suit - the only difference being a small eyelet near the handle end for use with a leather lanyard.  Stock code S20019.