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RAF K-Dinghy Thwart


Code: S20158

Stores reference 27C/2057. Used to hold the mast in place.  This consists of two pieces of plywood which slide one upon the other and can be extended so that the extreme ends fit into the thwart pockets provided on the dinghy.  When fitted in such a position, two holes, on in each piece, are in line and the base of the mast can then be inserted - see photo 8 (mast not included in this sale). 

The wood is in good condition and retains most of the original yellow paint/stain.  The metal componants have corrosion but are 'sound' and could be cleaned up with some sandpaper.  Elastic retainer bands (to hold together when packed) are stretched as always.  These are often missing from dinghy packs and extremely rare to find now.  Stock code S20158.