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RAF Irvin Flying Jacket


Code: J19710

Physically measures approx. 46” so should be OK for around a 40 - 42” chest. This is the version with the painted yellow hood popular with Airgunners and Coastal Command crews flying in more exposed conditions. Four panel front and rear construction. The leather is in good to very good overall condition retaining much of the original chromed finish and good flexibility. There are no tears/repairs to the panels but there is surface wear and crazing to the arms and slight thinning of the leather at the elbows.  The hood retains excellent original paintwork and flexibility. Original brass D-o-T zips at the centre and left arm.  The right arm zip tape is complete (bar a few teeth) but the slider is missing -  easy to replace if you have a spare one.   Excellent mid length slightly shaggy dense brown fur lining.  This is a bit worn at the waist and more so at the cuffs.  The jacket has the original belt and the leather hanger although one side has become detached.  The original label remains with War Department broad arrow and clear 1944 date.  The jacket would benefit from leather dressing and minor tidying but is essentially a good example.   Stock code J19710.