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RAF Electrically Heated Waistcoat


Code: J17979

Waistcoat, Electrically Heated, Type D/F.  Stores reference 22c/711/957.  Brown cotton 'kimono' jacket with integral wiring/heating element and press stud connectors at the wrist and waist to accomodate type D glove liners and 'extension' cords that linked to electrically heated socks/bootees.  This particular garment is labelled as a type D (12volt) but this has been amended and officially re-categorized as a type F (24 volt).  Complete with the 'umbilical' connector cord and standard 3-pin plug.  The waistcoat is clean and undamage but the cotton is creased and crumpled as is normal with these garments.  There are verdigris deposits on some of the conenctors.  Clearly labelled.  A nice complete example.  Stock code J17979.