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RAF 1941 Patt. Mae West Stole & Lever


Code: MW20274

Stores ref. 22c/72. Grey rubberized cotton stole for the 1941 pattern Mae West. The material is generally sound and the majority is flexible.  However, some areas are a little hardened/dry and less flexible.  In these areas the internal rubberization is shedding.   The edge seams are also separating in places and shedding dry rubber dust.  The oral inflation tube is somewhat distorted and the upper section is not completely flexible.  A black rubber sleeve towards the top suggests a makeshift repair/join beneath but this wouldn't be visible when displayed in a Mae West.   The valve opens and closes freely but the rubber sleeve around the valve end is a bit perished (see photo).  Fitted with a circlip and an inflation lever.  The latter is heavily pitted and has lost any plated finish it may have once had.  The stole is King's crown Air Ministry marked and with 9.42 manufacture date.  Whilst not in the greatest condition this would display well within a Mae West.  We would consider selling the lever separately subject to enquiries.  Stock code MW20274.