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USAAF A-14 Oxygen Mask, 8th AAF Modified


Code: O18631

By The Ohio Chemical Manufacturing. Co. Dated 5-45. Size small. Box label is printed '8th A.F. Modification'. We purchased three or four of these a couple of years ago - all in very similar condition.  The mask looks good but the facepiece has hardened and lacks flexibility.   The overall shape is reasonably good and this would display quite well although cracks show internally when the right 'cheek' flap is flexed (see photo no.7). The shape could possibly be improved with careful application of heat but we will leave this decision to the buyer.  Both webbing and rubber parts of the harness are very good and the original oxygen hose complete with end connector is excellent. As per details on the box this mask has had the rare 8th Air Force modification that involved adding rubber 'washers' over the oxygen inlet ports inside the facepiece. The mask comes with the original cardboard carton in very good order. Inside this are the remains of the original cellophane wrapper, spares envelope, general instruction leaflet and instruction sheet for use and repair of the 8th Modified A-14 Cemented In Anti-Freeze insert, one for the positive lock disconnect assembly and another for 'eyelet instructions'.  A good display piece let down by the hardening of the facepiece. Rare to find these marked with '8th Modifications' on the box. Stock code O18631.