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Magic Lantern Slides, Balloons & Aeroplanes


Code: M9937

'Primus' Magic Lantern Slides.  Series IX.  c.1909.  Produced by W. Butcher and Sons, London.  'Balloons And Aeroplanes - 'The History of the Conquest of the Air Interestingly told in a Series of 48 Pictures'.  Card box containing 12 rectangular glass slides edged with red paper, each having 4 beautiful circular colour illustrations of balloons or early aeroplanes.  Each slide approximately 16 x 4cm.  The first 6 slides cover balloons, ballooning and airships.  The next cover flight from kites and early gliders, through the Wright 'flyer', Bleriot and so on.  The remaining 2 have more balloons and an anti-aircraft gun etc.  The slides are in good condition bar one which has a crack in the corner (see photo 10) but the box shows wear with splits at the end.  Stock code M9937.