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RAF Seat Type Parachute Assembly


Code: M19063

RAF Seat Type Parachute Assembly

By Irving Air Chute of Great Britain.  Parachute, Single point, quick release with seat pack. Type C-2.  Stores reference 15A/197. Commonly referred to as the 'pilot's parachute'.  Classic white webbing with a central green/red fleck and faint war department broad arrow marks.  Correct fully rounded quick release (QR) box, waistbelt, ripcord housing, ripcord and handle. With backpad. The parachute pack itself is in a deep sandy coloured canvas with label printed with manufacturer's details, the Irvin 'Parachute' logo, serial number and date stamp '22 DEC 1942'. Two bungee cords remain - complete but somewhat stretched. The pack contains an original wartime G.Q. I.24 Mk.1 nylon canopy (24' diameter) with clear '6 SEPT. 1944' manufacture date  and King's crown Air Ministry marks (there are later inspection dates into the 1960s!). It appears to be complete with full rigging lines, is in excellent condition and has been properly packed.  The spring loaded drogue parachute is however, a later addition and dated 1954.

The webbing harness is in very good condition, undamaged but a little grubby through use and storage.  It is unlabelled and there is no evidence of one having been removed.  The pack is in very good condition but is soiled/grubby. The seat cushion is undamaged but grubby externally and  the foam rubber insert is degrading a bit - it still has flexibility but sounds a bit 'dry'. The backpad is in sound condition but is again grubby with some wear to the straps and stud fasteners.  This too has never been labelled but does have faint A.I.D. marks.
A good complete example of  a rare wartime seat harness and an impressive display piece.  Stock code S19063.

More photos available on request.